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Your hymn sings are absolutely the best!  It's so wonderful to enjoy music that was written from composers who went through LOTS of struggles or had wonderful wisdom from the Lord! Thanks for your time and commitment! We sat in the front row the last hymn sing and it was phenomenal watching you, Marjorie, use all of the foot pedals on the organ.  God certainly has given you ability...especially when changing keys are involved...I was blessed!

Thank you for your inspiring Hymn Sings. Jack and I feel so inspired and realize God's presence is at these gatherings. We want to tell you how much we enjoyed hearing your daughter's solos and the duets she and your granddaughter sang at the Christmas Carol Sing in 2010. Thanks too all who particapate.
"It was a joy to have the Ferrin's at our church both for me personally and for our congregation.  Their testimony on and off the stage is an encouragement to all who meet them.  Paul & Marjorie obviously love the Lord in all areas of their lives.  We had the opportunity and pleasure to socialize with them before the Hymn Sing and then watching them sing and play, using their God given talents to honor and praise God was a blessing.  I pray that God will give the Ferrin's a long and prosperous ministry and that many will allow them to come and bless the church as they lead in a wonderful time of worship."
Pastor Doug Burdette
Morning Star Community Church
Red Feather Lakes, CO
"I just want to say "Thank You" for continuing to host and lead these times of music praise, and tell you how very special they are to me. The last couple of years have been difficult, but when I can come to a gathering of Christian brothers and sisters and remember, through the joyous music, that Christ is the Master of everything, then the trials do not seem to overwhelming. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful gift of music with so many people."
The angels sing when they know an "Old Fashioned Hymn Sing' is taking place."  I just thank God so often for your ministry.  Your CD's are playing now.  I would like to hear you sing ""What A Day That Will Be" and "Until Then".
Blessings to you both.
Marge S.
We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the Hymn Sing at Radiant Church last night! I remarked to my husband that it is quite a remarkable feat to fill up a large sanctuary for any kind of event on a Friday night in this day and age in America.  Thank you for keeping the hymns alive—don’t you just LOVE the fact that singing hymns crosses ALL denominational lines and promotes unity among ALL believers!
L & V
Last August, we were privileged to attend “An Old Fashioned Hymn Sing” in Santa Rosa, CA.  What a blessed, joyous event that was as we heard and joined in the singing of so many of the treasured hymns we’d known since committing our lives to the Lord. The Gospel inspired by the pure Word of God is being lost to our young people and will fade away as our generation passes on to be with our Lord.  As we’ve gotten older (late 70’s) there has been such a feeling of loss, not unlike the grieving over the earthly loss of a loved one.
Erna A
Thank you for coming to Rolla, MO, again this spring.  I so enjoyed the concert you had with us last year.  I was privileged to sing in the choir this year. I so enjoyed singing many of the songs I grew upon and I do miss singing 4our part harmony.
Lyndon B
Thank you both for such a heart-warming musical presentation! We enjoyed every moment and hope you return in the near future. May God bless you in your ministry of music.
R.P. L. First Baptist Church
Panama City, FL
Thank you to you and your wife and everyone else involved in the Hymn Sing.  We enjoyed it tremendously…especially “He The Pearly Gates Will Open”.  Diane did a beautiful job with her solo.  That was the song my Dad always sang to us when he was putting us to bed.  The four of us kids sang it back to him eight years ago at his funeral.  Thank you!
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Hymn Sing last night in Springfield, MO.  My husband made the statement on the way home, “I feel like I have worshipped for the first time in a LONG time.”  Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.
We were privileged to be in the “Old Fashioned Hymn Sing’ last Sunday night in Shrewsbury, PA and enjoyed it immensely.  In talking with friends after the service, I missed the opportunity to speak to you and tell you how much I enjoyed the music and especially your piano and organ duets.
I was looking forward to your Hymn Sing for nearly two weeks and wasn’t disappointed! Please let us know when you have Hymn Sings anywhere in Colorado.  We would like to be there.  I am 33yrs young and absolutely LOVE the Hymns and choruses that are mainly in hymnals.
In Christ,
We just wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed the Hymn Sing!  The music was wonderful and brought a tear to our eyes more than once.  I was especially touched by the singing of “The Lord’s Prayer”.  It was a wonderful evening and we are telling everyone all about it.
D & L E.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the “Old Fashioned Hymn Sing”. Friday was our first, but not our last!!! See you in September.
D & B W.
Colorado Springs, CO
It was sooooooo great to be at the Hymn Sing in Covina, CA.  You did such an awesome job, as you always do. It was such a blessed experience to sing the “oldies but goodies.”  Thanks for doing this ministry. I have never been in a meeting where you and your wife minister together.  What a blessing you both are!!!
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the “Hymn Sing” last Friday evening at Central Assembly.  It was great, and I would like to have this happen every three months or so.  A good number of people around me seemed to be enjoying it as much as I did.  We need to hear the hymns of the church, as much as the young people need to hear their style and type of music
Springfield, MO
Just wanted to say “Thank you!” for the beautiful Hymn Sing in San Juan Capistrano, CA  Paul, I can’t tell you how much your solo of “On A Rugged Hill” meant to my sister.  She is still talking about it.  The entire evening was very special.  We look forward to more ‘sings’.
P & A K.
The Rocklin, CA Hymn Sing was glorious!  I thought I would be raptured any minute. The spiritual unity of the audience was such a blessing. 
San Jose, CA
What a marvelous evening of hymns and praise on Friday evening. We were to blessed to sing in the Village Seven Presbyterian Choir.  We are blessed with knowing you two and that you so willingly share the talents God gave you. 
E & T
Thank you for coming to Buena Vista, CO and blessing us all with your "glorious music"!  We pray you will return to Buena Vista with more music to bless us all.  We sure do miss the Hymn Singing! 
I just had to take a moment to write you a small note of thanks for Friday evenings Hymn Sing.  I cannot tell you how your ministry blesses my life, other then to say I find the way God uses you all simply overwhelming! Your song selection brought me to tears more than once and I was so touched by your special numbers and the choir's final song.
Paul and Marjorie's Allen Organ was recently featured in Allen Enotes October 2010

Vintage Allen:
We believe our Allen organ qualifies age-wise! 

We still enjoy it after all of these years and it has given 
us wonderful service. My wife Marjorie has served as 
my organist the entire time that I have been a Minister 
of Music at various churches. Our first introduction to 
an Allen organ was in Memphis, Tennessee. She fell in 
love with the instrument and enjoyed playing it for 
several years. 

We than moved to Bethel Church in San Jose, 
California, and once again we were thrilled to find 
out that Bethel had an Allen! While on staff at Bethel, 
we built a beautiful new Church complex and it was our privilege to purchase three new Allen organs at the same time (for our Sanctuary, Chapel and Choir Rehearsal room). We were featured in Allenews as the first church to purchase three organs together. Later we served on a church staff in Sacramento, California that had four Allen Organs. 

I felt it was time that Marjorie had an Allen in our home. It was a total surprise to her! Our wonderful Allen Dealer, Steven Music, called and ask if she would be home that day as they were going to deliver her new Allen Organ. It has been in our home ever since and used many hours. Marjorie and I have played organ and piano duets since we were 14 years of age-that was actually how we met! We are still playing duets after 56 years of marriage as we travel the US hosting "Old Fashioned Hymn Sings." Allen still remains my wife's favorite instrument. 

- Paul & Marjorie Ferrin, Colorado Springs, Colorado